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Slacklines and accessories
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Slackstar - Tapes
Slacklines - Tapes 25mm / 35mm / 50mm
Slackstar - Beginner Set`s
Slacklines - Beginner Set`s - Tape width 50mm
Slackstar - Semi Profi Set`s
Slackline - Advancer Set`s - Tape width 35mm
Slackstar - Professional Set`s
Slacklines - Professional Set`s - Tape width 25mm
Slackstar - Frame`s
Slackline - Frame`s and Rack`s
Slackstar - Tree loops
Slacklines - Tree loops
Slackstar - Belt tensioning pulleys
Slackline - Belt tensioning pulleys
Slackstar - Belt shackles
Slacklines - Belt shackles
Slackstar - Carrying bags
Slacklines - Transport and carrying bags
Slackstar - Ground anchor
Slackline - Ground anchor

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