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Compressed Air Technology

Compressors and Compressed Air Equipment
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Pneumatic Swivel Drive For Stop Valves
Pneumatic swivel drives for valves
For home, workshop and industrial use
Air Dehumidifiers
Dryer, Regulators, Lubricator, Filters, Condensate Splitter
Compressed Air Tanks
Compressed air tanks, vacuum tanks, pressure tank, pressure tanks, pressure-/vacuum tanks
Air Motors
GAST, Mannesmann motors and other brands
Pressure Regulators
lubricators, water separators, complete air service units
Filters and Silencers
Various filter units, Silencers, Filter
compressed air oiler
compressed air oiler
Compressed-Air Service Units
Compressed-air service units, Pressure Regulators, Pressure Reducers, Compressed Air OIlers
Air Cylinders
ISO-cylinder, short stroke cylinder, with single retaining an double stroke
Condensate Conditioning
Oil Water Seperators
Noise Reducer, Silencer

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Analog and digital, pressure transmitters, pressure switches
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Air Dehumidifiers

Air Dehumidifiers are used to reduce the humidity or to hold a constant humidity by using Air Humidifiers. They are used for example to dehydrate new buildings, after water damages and for rooms in which have high water vapours like swimming pools.

The obviation of condensate (and so mold) is the main task of Air Dehumidifiers.
The current Air Dehumidifiers work with three different methods:

  • Air Coditioning with condensate (Condensation): The dry air is transfered by a ventilator over a heat exchanger. Tap water is mostly used as cooling agent. The warm humid air is sucked into the ventilator and shock cooled by an evaporating surface. The humidity is condensed and the water is stored in a tank and discharged or derived by Hose.
  • Absorption in hygroscopic fluids: The dry is derived by a ventilator over a hygroscopic fluid. This fluid consists of a watery salt solution from lithium chloride, lithium bromide or calcium chloride. The water steam merges into the hydroscopic solutions and is diluted.
  • Adsorption of the water steam: The air that must be dehydrated is passing through a ventilator into a adsorber which is mostly silica gel often also a so called molecular sieve. The water steam accumulates with the adsorber and is condensed. The air drying process is mostly affected in two drying tanks. In one of the tanks the compressed air is send across the adsorber that dehydrates the air.

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