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Doctor + practice emergency kits Pediatrics

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  • Doctor + practice emergency kits Pediatrics
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Detailed Description

Doctor + practice emergency kits Pediatrics
Product Description
  • Doctor + practice emergency kits Pediatrics
  • Through sufficient clearance for medications and additional own configurations of individual emergency kits for practicing pediatrician arises
  • The content is adapted to the specific needs of the pediatric patient in overall dimensions and fully designed for treatment of pediatric emergencies
  • From the functional areas ventilation, oxygen, suction, injection, infusion, diagnostics and dressings everything needed for an acute emergency is
  • Dimensionally stable, impact resistant, temperature resistant, splash-proof, maintenance-free
  • Two equally large suitcase shells, solid interior layout, a suitcase half with a transparent cover plate, rotary locks, carrying handle, sealing device
  • With screen, color pictograms of functional groups
Technical Data
  • Container - MT-CD
  • Size - 400 x 300 x 150 mm
  • Weight - with oxygen apparatus about 8.2 kg
  • Material - ABS plastic
  • Color orange
  • Wall Mount - with 90 ° locking device


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