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Industrial Hoses

Hoses for all medias, PVC-hoses, Rubber Hoses, Hose Clamps/Clips
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Rubber Hoses
For air, water, chemicals, gases, even for usage with food approved
PVC Hoses
With and without reinforcement, for air, gases, fluids
Plastic Hoses
PE-, PA-, PU hoses, pipes and spirals with suitable fittings and couplings
Paint Hoses
For low and high pressures
Flat Hoses
Space saving, for gas and fluids
Special Hoses
PTFE-, PTFE corrugated hose, Viton-, FEP-, NBR-hoses
Spiral Hoses
Suction and pressure hoses of PVC, PU and PA for various applications
Heated Hoses
For low and high pressure, especially resins
Hose Clamps
for all purposes

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Fittings, Cutting Ring Fittings, Pipe Fittings and Unions
Couplings and Quick Couplings

More Informations to this Category

Extraction and Pump Down

Suction Hoses and their application area

Suction hoses are used in every household and industry. A simple example is the vacuum cleaner you can find in every household. A vacuum cleaner hose is also called suction hose and offers the following characteristics. The hose is resistant against vacuums up to a certain point and is equipped with a spiral that gives the hose a stabile shape and makes it extremely bendable.

Mostly used materials for such hoses are for example PVC, PUR, PTFE, PU, PE, Hypalon etc. Compared to other hoses the bending radius is enormous small and differs according to the material.

In areas like landscaping and gardening where ponds and little seas have to be filled or emptied or cleaned from junk. Dredgers partly work with suction hoses which extract the sludge on certain points and discharge on a different spot or propably store the sludge for a construction project. Suction hose mostly have a dimeter of up to 1000 mm for this kind of application ranges.

Every road sweeper has suction hose which extract the dirt that has been positionend from the brushes. Here you will find rubber hoses with a spiral inlay to give the hose a flexibility and a long life. Big and sawmills also use suction hoses to extract the shavings directly from blade that the cuts the wood ot for the cleaning of swimming pools and pond surfaces swimming pool suction hoses are used to the extract the dirt by a special suction device.

A special design makes the hose not sink. Most hoses also have a very good UV and Ozone resistance which is very important for their endurance. Fire brigades use for specific operations like floodings suction hose in connection with a centrifugal pump to extract water. The same tactic is also used at rescue operations as far as watercourses are to find.

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