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Industrial Products

Adhesive tapes, cover material, wheels and rolls, castors, locking systems, hydraulic equipment, cord, chains, ladders, scaffolding, garbage bags, batteries, sealing material
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Wheels And Rolls
Roll and Wheels
Rubber Bonded Metal
Anti-Vibration Buffer, Rubber Bonded Metals
Cover Material
Quick cover, glas protection, teflon fabric
Indusrial Grease
Lubricants, cutting lubricants, coolants
Industrial Oils
Lubricants, cutting oil, coolants
Technical Sprays
Coolant Spray, Leakage Detection Spray, Special Cleaners
Cold Cleaners
Cold cleaning
Sealing Materials
Loctite, Sealing Bands, Sealing Rings, O-Rings, Fluid Sealing Medias
To adhere universal materials
Adhesive Tapes
adhesives tapes, duct tape, fabric reinforced, sellotape
Cleaning Rags
Cleaning Rags, cleaning cloth, floor cloth and wipers
Garbage Bags
Garbage bags, bin liners, refuse bags
Accumulators, Battery
Mason Cords
Cords, Plumb Lined
Drill Chucks
Key Type Drill Chuck, Keyless Drill Chucks, Drill Chuck Arbors
Packing Material
Packaging materials
Hydraulic Equipment
Hydraulic - Norm cylinders, Norm-mounting elements
Ladders, telescopic ladders, loft ladders,
Scaffolding, light scaffolding
Cords, hemp rope, textile cord, steel wires, wores, PE-ropes
Chains, link chains, knotted link chains
Locks & Locking Systems
Pad locks, locking clamp and bails, fitting and electric locks
Cable strap
Cable strap, labelling binder
Drive engineering
Drive engineering, freewheels, scapement mechanisms, couplings, clamping sets
Fire extinguisher
Fire extinguisher

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