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Cups And Buckets

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Paper- and plastic cups, buckets
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Cups, Boxes, Barrels

Fillings, refilling or dosage, here you will find exactly what you need. It happens to many times that you have to keep material or decant. Certainly here you need canister in which you could fill in the desired material.

The Application Area is very wide. Because you can almost everythin into cups, boxes or barrels to not say anything that gets in.

More frequently the following containers are used:

A very popular product is the paper cup. Paper cups can be practically used everywhere. They are better than cups of easy breakable material. Especially on a party, on christmas parties or similar occassions where a lot of people like to drink something. There can simply be disposed after usage and on top they are nonpolluting. As you can see the cups, boxes and barrels are almost used everywhere if private or in workshops or in the industry.