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Electrical Accessories

handlamps, cable drums, energy boxes
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Flash Lights
Flash lights, hand lamps, halogene lamps
Cable Drums
Cable drums, extension cords
Energy Sockets
Energy Sockets
Power Generators
Emergency power generators, power generators
Jump Starters / Start Boosters
Battery supplied jump starters for automobile, trucks and lorrys
Power Distribution
Power sockets and outlets, multiple socket, safety switch
Power Extension Cords
Power extension cords 230V and 400V, completely with socket and plug, adaptor cable
Electrical Connectors
Plugs and couplers for 230V and 400V
Frequency Converters
Frequency converters, frequency inverter

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Electrical Accessories

Flash Lights, Cable Drums, Energy Sockets, Power Generators, Electric Power Tools and Jump Starters have their home in this Category. They are useful at work and in many other situations. What would you do without a flash light in darkness? Or how many times did you recognize that the cable of the drilling machine is too short to connect it directly with the power socket?
Even a mobile power generator can be useful in particular situations and simplify the work and just as well a jump starter for Auomobiles and Trucks.
The Cable Drum exists in many versions. You differ Cable Drums by the following characteristics:

  • Number of Sockets
  • Cable length
  • Watt capacity
  • Overheat limit device and warning light
  • Roll up automatization
  • For outer application

Cable Drums are used everywhere where electricity is needed and no power socket is in reach.

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