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Micro Filter MF - 0,03 mg/m

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  • 2-Step Filtration with Integrated Preliminary Filters with 1,0 m
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Detailed Description

Micro Filter MF - 0,03 mg/m
Product Description
  • 2-Step Filtration with Integrated Preliminary Filters with 1,0 m
  • Application
  • The Micro Filter are especially used for the Sepeartion of Fine Particles and Watery Particulate Materials and Solid Polluted Material with Particle up to 0,03 m
  • 2-Step Filtration by a Integrated Preliminary Filter Medium with 1,0 m
  • The Deep Filter are used in the Instrument and Air Controlling of Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industry as well as in the Plastic, Processing, Food and Beverage Industry
Technical Data
  • Residual Oil Quantity (at a Acess Consenration of 3 mg/m): 0,01 mg/m
  • Temperature Range: up to Max. 80C
  • Inlet Pressure: 1 up to 16 Bar
  • Scope Of Supply: Filter Housing, Filter Element, Differential Pressure Gauge and Elctronical Condesate Separator


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