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Rivets GESIPAŽ - Alu / Nirosta - Grosskopf

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  • Blind rivets for secure connections.
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clamping range
Rivet pin Ř
Max. Attachment head diameter mm

Detailed Description

Rivets GESIPAŽ - Alu / Nirosta - Grosskopf
Product Description
  • Blind rivets for secure connections.
  • The blind rivet consists of two parts - the rivet and the rivet mandrel.
  • The rivet consists of a rivet head and the rivet shank.
  • The mandrel has the task of deforming the rivet shank. It contains a predetermined breaking point. Here the rivet mandrel breaks off after completion of deformation of the rivet.
  • The filling section is remaining in the rivet portion of the rivet mandrel.
  • The rest mandrel is the portion of the rivet pin, which is disposed of by means of blind rivet setting device from the set rivet.
Technical Data
  • Form letter according to standard - C
  • Material according to standard - 0
  • Rivet - Aluminum Alloy
  • Rivet pin - stainless steel A2


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