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Shock Absorber Self-regulating - Type MC - Small Construction Type

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  • Self-regulating Shock Absorber
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Max. Energy Uptake Per Stroke (W3)
Max. Energy Uptake Per Hour (W4)

Detailed Description

Shock Absorber Self-regulating - Type MC - Small Construction Type
Product Description
  • Self-regulating Shock Absorber
  • Application
  • Shock Absorber to decelerate masses in a quick, soft and nondestructive manner
  • Simple and fast installation for into handling devices, rotary and swivel drives, linear cylinders as well as in many other industrial applications
Technical Data
  • Material - Bronzed Steel
  • Piston rod - hardened rustfree Steel
  • Temperature range: 0C up to max. 65C
  • Drift speed - 0,15 to 5 m/s (0,15 to 1,8 m/s for Type MC9...)
  • Integrated Fixed Stop
  • Max. axis deviation - 2 (at higher axis deviation use bolt relocation)


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