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Mud cleaners

Mud cleaners are appliances with which the seep material that you can find on the basement of fluids can be extracted. The most known appliances are the ones used in swimming pools. Important for ponds is to differ between foils or natural ponds. Lately the pond type decides which appliance is used because the dropped out sludge can vary.

For many ponds diaphragm pumps are used which have no problem to run dry for a longer period or transfer solid particles. The most used appliance is the universal mud cleaner of the firm Esska Machines LLC. The cleaner is simple to handle and with 400 watts he manages up to 3000 liters per hour.

The industry uses mud cleaners for example to clean tanks or to soak oils from the ground. Here bigger appliances are used like the mobile cleaner with fourfold adjustable diaphragm pump. Such appliances have a transfer volume of approx. 12 m³/hour. The pump housing is made of stainless steel. EPDM or oil resistant NBR diaphragms are used.

The firm Kärcher offers a special nozzle which turns the appliance into a mud cleaner. Something like a funnel is screwed on the normal Lärcher lance and the cleaner is ready to use. The water of the high pressure cleaner generates a vacuum with which the mud, dirt, algaes, water, sand and other sedimented materials can be extracted from the water. The performance in this case depends on the Kärcher appliance. At 100 bar approx. 10.000 liters per hour can be extracted.

Floating mud cleaners can be found in areas with sewage exposals and are mostly used in sewage-treatment plants. Their float on the surface and extract accumulated foam and dirt. A cuneiformed inlet that lies parallel to the water moves the foams and particles to the suction hose. Such cleaners are also used in paper extractions.