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Hose Clamps

Hose clamps are used to connect hoses with a coupling or to fix a different connection. A hose coupling like Storz for example has a so called hose connector which has a bulged surface to secure and fix the hose against sliping.

hose clamps for example are used with washing machines and garden hoses. If using acids and bases a specialist uses stainless steel bacause they do not react or damage the material in touch with the medium. For special purposes you can also find plastic clamps. Even types with a grounding cable are used.

If higher pressure are used than so called muffler clamps are used. The hose is tightly fixed by a securing ring of the muffler clamp if appropiate installed.

: The inner diameter of a ring shaped metal band or a ring shaped wire is diminished by turning the screw. The hose end is equally pressed on the hose connector.

Construction sites or workshops which can not foresee the diameter they will work with it is recommended to use endless clamp. To the endless band you can purchase the corresponding tensioning tools.