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Peristaltic Pumps for a high precision

Peristaltic Pumps are used if you need to bottle exact amonts or for dosing over a special time period. A Hose pump pumps exactly the needed amount and has the advantage that also medias with a small solid fraction and hazardous substances can be used.

The Pump works with a help of a U-formed flexible tube a rotor with a number of "rollers", "shoes" or "wipers" that are attached to the external circumference compressing the flexible tube. The developing under pressure that intakes the medium and on other side a pressure that give it away. Modern Engineering offer to connect the pumps to a computer to execute and plan meter out processes.

Many manufacturer in the cosmetic branch, pizza producers, paint and beverage producers are using this pump to make their good delivered ready for sale. Many applications are known from the hospital like the infusion pump which is used for a continuous intravenous application. It makes sense to use this kind of pump also with dangerous materials because the medium in a circuit does not have any contact to metals or the possibility to leak somewhere.

On construction sites hose pumps are used to transfer concrete. Soft drink manufacturer use hose pumps for the sample tanking and brix measurement. Brix is measuring unit for the specific thickness of a fluid. Fruits for example with high brix values refer to a sweet taste and a better storage life and give so an information about their quality. Sadly there are a few drawbacks which are caused by the continuous movement of the hose with the consequence that the hose is worn out and has to be exchanged. Certainly you can find special hoses that are used for this pumps. The so called Novoprene hose is one of them. Special Materials offer a high flexibility and a long life.