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Gas Detectors, Safety by Precision

Gas Detectors can safe life especially if they are used to detect unseen dangers that spread noiseless and cause catastrophical damages by flying sparks or without. Every penny is worth its value if investing in Gas Detectors. A good work protection guarantess a long life. Many people and branches safe money on workwear, breathing protections or gas detectors that why every year thousands of people die by accidents caused by gases and explosions.

The following branches and atex protected areas should be prevented and protected. Tunnel Constructions, Dirt Water, Brownfields, work protection, Fire Departments, Chemical Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Phramaceutical Industry and Discharge Air Measurements.

Channel diggers use before and durant their works multi gas detectors.

In the past years simple and constricted instruments found their application. Winegrower for example traditionally used a candle positioned on the ground to safe themselfes in wine cellers and to detect the dangerus carbon dioxide arising from fermentation and accumulating on the ground. Miners took singing birds with them to prevent themselves from a carbon dioxide intoxication. If the bird stopped singing and died they knew danger of death persists.

The following gases are such gases that are frequently produced:
CO2, carbon dioxide, NO, Nitric Oxide, NO2, Nitrogen Dioxide, H2S, Hydrosufide, HCN, Hydrocyanic Acid, Cl2, Chlorine, CH4, Methane, Lower Explosive Limits, O2, Oxigen, NH3, Ammonia, SO2, Sulfur Dioxide, H2, Hydrogen , HCL, Hydrogen Chloride, PH3, Phosphinem NOx, Nitrogen oxides, Hydrocarbon, ClO2, Chlorine Dioxide. You can fnd stationary Gas Detectors and mobile, portable gas detectors.

Furthermore you can distinguish between Single Gas Detectors and Multi Gas Detectors. The critical status is reached if measuring oxigen is when the concentration falls below 17 %. The critical concentration for explosive gases is reached when the concentration falls over 10 %. For Health injuring gas concentrations and steams individual values have to be considered. The Alarm can be visually or acoustical. If using gas detectors in noisy areas, appliances with an additional visual signal are used. To protect against such gases please use breathing protecting apparatures so called Full masks which cover appoximately half of the head. Half masks are only used in areas with non aggressive gases and dustes. In such cases only the nose and mouth is protected. They eyes are not protected.

If you are working in very dangerous zones with dangerous concentrations of hazardous and dangerous dustes than a breathing visors JUNIOR A-VL, a hood mask with oxigen supply is used. Also for the body you can find the corrisponding prtection. Comfort and Safety is reached by reasonable manufactured clothes with build in air systems. We recommend to invest much more to protect people. Healthy people are very important for a successfull business.