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Safety Workwear & Equipment

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Safety Workwear And Protection Safety Shoes

The right protection at work is very important thats why you can find a big assortment of Items that protect our health.
Areas of Work Protection are:
Safe Work Conditions: Obligation to wear a helmet or safety shoes.
Health Protection: Long Term chronical and acute as well as short time exposure to hazardous materials, noise and physical stresses.
Therefore to prevent from this dangerous environment you can find a big assortment in the Category Work Protection.

  • Safety Workwear: Protects the body against dirt and materials which are harmful for us.
  • Safety Shoes: Everyone need safety shoes who works with heavy objects. Their have an incorparated steel cap that give the feet protection for the case that something really heavy is falling on the feet.
  • Gloves: Are protecting the hands against injuries or irritations by aggressive materials.
  • Eye Protection: They must be used if working with shavings or similar materials that could enter into the eyes.
  • Breathing Protection: Is a must if working with paint finishing areas but also to protect against hazardous paint dustes.
  • Ear Protection: Is epecially needed in branches that work with loud machines to protect the ears against injuries and long term damage.
  • Another important field of the Work Protection is the head protection. Helmets can be found in various executions. The helmets that are used for construction workers for example are most known helmets in the world. Additionally you can find hoods in which a hard plastic dish is incorporated for example sanblasting helmets that protect against flying particles in areas of sandblasting.