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Cleaning Brushes

Are brushes with Nylon, natural or plastic bristles. They are used to clean various objects for example in automobile cleaning.

Cleaning brushes are used in connection to a high pressure cleaner and a high pressure hose. The water is pumped by the high pressure cleaner to the brush to remove dirt.

Normally they are used at a pressure from 15-40 bar and an water temperature of max. 60°C. Certainly you can find cleaning brushes that can be used with higher temperatures and pressures.

The connection on the cleaning brush is mostly metric with female and or a male thread.

Normal cleaning brushes can be used for the ones that like to scrup manually but also brushes with a rotating head can be found.

They are many versions to cleaning brushes alike many high pressure cleaners therefore please inform yourself before you buy brushes for which purpose you do need the brush.