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Cutting oil concentrate - 1 l / 5 l / 10 l - E-COLL

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Product Description
  • Cutting oil concentrate - Emulsifiable for drilling, turning, milling, sawing and thread cutting
  • For aluminum, non-ferrous metals and their alloys, cast iron and stainless steel
  • White, absolutely stable and homogeneous emulsion
  • Insensitive hardness ranges in water (lime, etc.)
  • Largely resistant to microbial attack
  • If used properly, physiologically safe
Technical Data
  • Mineral oil-based drilling emulsion EP-, chlorine-free
  • Long tool life
  • Concentration used milling: about 8% strength (1 liter concentration in 11 liters of water)
  • Use concentration sawing, turning, drilling: about 10% (1 liter concentration in 10 liters of water)
  • Use concentration threading: about 10% (1 liter concentration in 10 liters of water)
  • Multilingual Europe Version
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4317784348874 1 l bottle
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4317784015530 5-liter canister
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4317784015547 10-liter canister
( 15,26 / l)
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