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Sealing Materials

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The O-Ring acts because of its design and form as a double sealing element. The primary sealing effect develops by pressing the O-Ring at assembly. The total pressing results from the overlapping of the pressing at installation and the maximal raising pressure of the system.

The Sealing Ring can be applied in many areas like engine building and atomotive engeneerings. They are practical for every branch of the industry for example in every household (Water Valve).

O-Ring are manufactured in different standard sizes. At this the cord diameter (diameter of the round cross-section) of 0,35 mm is possible for filigree applications up to 40 mm or even more.

You can find O-Rings with different materials. They are neede to suit every situation. Many times they have to be resistant against chemical substances.

Very often the following materials are use:

  • NBR: Acrylnitrile-Butadiene-caoutchouc
  • FPM: Fluoric Rubber
  • EPDM: Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Rubber
  • In our Category "Sealing Materials" you will also find the O-Rings in different sizes, cord width and materials. Single O-Rings, extensive sets we even offer self made O-Rings.