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DirecTorrâ „¢ Premium vacuum pump oil - 1 liter - for CRVpro rotary vane vacuum pumps

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Product Description
  • The specially triple distilled mineral oil is ideally suited for use with the rotary vane vacuum pumps of the CRVpro series from Welch.
  • The oil fulfills various tasks within the pump. On the one hand, the sliding parts such as the rotor, the slide and the radial shaft seal are lubricated. On the other hand, the moving parts are sealed against the stator wall to reduce leaks inside.
  • In addition, the oil ensures that the heat of compression is continuously dissipated to the metal walls. This is for cooling.
  • In addition, the oil transports dirt particles and corrosive media and thus achieves permanent cleaning of the inner surfaces of the pump.
Technical Data
  • Smell - mild
  • Colour: light yellow
  • Physical state - liquid
  • OSHA hazards - none
  • Vapor pressure at 20 ° C - 5 x 10-3
  • Density at 15 ° C - 0.87 g / ml
  • Viscosity at 40 ° C - 94 mm² / s cST
  • Flash point - 265 Â ° C
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