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High-performance coolant concentrate - 5l / 10l - E-COLL

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Product Description
  • High performance cooling lubricant concentrate for drilling, turning, milling, sawing, grinding and threading
  • Biostabil
  • The concentrate is stirred intensively into the preparation water and forms a very stable handling friendly emulsion can be achieved with the long tool life and good surface qualities.
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Long service life of the emulsion
  • Good skin tolerance Application concentration loops: about 3% solution (1 liter concentration in 35 liters of water)
  • Application concentration sawing, milling, turning, drilling: approximately 5% solution (1 liter concentration in 19 liters of water)
  • Application concentration threading: approximately 8% strength (1 liter concentration in 11 liters of water)
Technical Data
  • mineral oil
  • Nitrite and chlorine-free and free of silicone, bacteria and PCB and PCT connections
  • Reacts alkaline
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4317784348904 5 liter canister EU Hochl. Kühlschmierst. 5L biostable (F) E-COLL
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4317784015356 10-liter canister EU Hochl. Kühlschmierst. 10L-Biostabil- (F) E-COLL
( 21,32 / l)
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