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Paint Spatula + Scraper

Paint Spatulas and Scrapers

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Paint Spatulas and Scrapers

If you hear the word Paint Spatula mostly you only think to one brand the typical Spatula that is known from paperhangings. But this is only one brand and sure there are many others.
The common scrapers and spatulas are:

Japan Spatula are used to include oils and fillers. The Japan Spatula consists of a high elastic, rectangular metal blade with width between approximately three and thirty centimeters with a plastic jacket on the edges that is used as grip.
You can find Derust Spatulas with a short and stiff steel blade and a onesided bevelled blade. The tool is used to remove rough rust.
The Surface Spatula is used to apply quick hardening gipsum filling compounds. It is also used to produce ideal undergrounds for paperhangings.