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A Compressor is a machine that is used to compress ambient air or gase. The compressed air or gas is stored into a tank. These storage tanks are also called compressed air tanks. These tanks can have various forms like big ones for workshops and industry or bottles for breathing air which are used preferably from fire fighters and for diving sports.

Compressors are also called Supercharger. The compression can be effected in different ways therfore they are distinguished in:

A Piston Compressors works over a cranks shaft and a con rod that are moving a cylinder up and down. A stroke up means compresses gas for example air and pumps it into the storage tank, stroke down opens opposite valve so that new gas / air can be absorbed. Piston compressors are used preferably up to maximum range of 1.000 liter/min because of their high noise development. Pressures up to 300 bar can be reached.
piston compressor
Screw Compressors work with 2 opposite running screws and transfer the absorbed air in one direction. The screws are extremely close so that the transfered air can not escape backwards. To Backup the closeness oil is filled between this two screws and filtered after. Screw compressors are very noise reduced and therefore used as construction compressors as the case may be with trasfer volumes > 1.000 l/min.
Screw Compressors
Rotary compressors are working with an excentric build in rotor drive which is equipped with multi disks. The absorbed air is compressed by the this excentric operation.
Rotary Compressors
Diaphragm compressors are working by moving a diaphragm that absorbs air / gas and gives compressed air free.