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With and without reinforcement, for air, gases, fluids
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PVC-Hose have a long ranged application area. The most known type is the gardeb hose. This hose is made of PVC with fabric lining. Very often it only has one color to be recognized in the green gras. The industry uses two sorts of PVC-Hoses.

PVC-Hose without reinforcement:

It used in application areas with low pressure like food idustry, hospitals, water pipeline etc.

Reinforced PVC-Hose:

As Compressd air hose or for fluids that are porocessed under pressure or itself develop pressure (carbonic acid) for example like beer in dispensing equippment etc.

Many artists also use PVC-Hoses to create their works of art. On a exposition a few 1000 meters has been fixed on a facade and afterwards filled various colored fluids which circulated and always were creating knew forms.

Others work with the hose and use them to let entrances shine in a new look. The hoses are fixed in the deisdered position and aftrewards irradiuated with different colorful lights. A special light character is created by the hose configuration.

Good to know is the hardness of a PVC-Hose whicht is measured according to a shore value. A standard PVC-Hose has a shore of approxx. 75° A.