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Rubber Hoses

For air, water, chemicals, gases, even for usage with food approved

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Rubber Hoses

Rubber hoses can be used in various fileds from gasoline hoses in a car up to a flamethrower for Federal Armed Forces.

It is worth to known that rubber comes from egypt and earlier has been obtained from the juice of plants. The juice contains a big percentage of latex and some water soluble materials. By drying the juice, plastic-elastic solid particles result by polymerization. Nowadays natural rubber are produced synthetically because the natural productioon is too expensive.

Synthetic rubber mostly are made of Styrol and Butadiene. Further basic materials that are used for the production are styrolacrylate, clear acrylate and venyl acetate.

Industrial produced rubber is basically vulcanized and always contains some sulfor. A big part of the industrial produced rubber is directly processed by tire manufacturers. Various rubber types are mixed for example for summer or winter tires to reach the perfect street grip.

To raise the edurance and the processing, industrial rubbers are mixed with additives from which certain substances are hazardous for example organic solutions, vulcanization accelerators and inhibitors, colorants, fillers and antioxidants.

Sandblaster use rubber hoses with very thick walls and reinfocement. Compressed air hoses are similar assembled and mostly have smaller wall thickness. Air hoses are used for compressors beacuse they are especially designed to resist high pressures.