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Distance Measuring Meters

Mechanical and Laser Distance Metering

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Distance Meters

In this Category you will find everything to the Subject Metering. The choice for a Measuring Tool depends from the needed Accuracy and the Application Area.
Examples for Distance Meters are:

  • Inch Rule
  • Caliper Gauges
  • Measuring Wheels
  • Laser Distance Measuring
  • Spirit Levels
  • Measuring Tapes
    • The most frequently used Measuring device is the measuring tape. There are lot this small practical auxillary materials existing in various types. For example Tear off measuring tape for the utilization on exhibitions and expositions or the coated steel tape with a hook in the end. A Special type of the measring tape is the one used in Street engeneering, This measuring device works not with an automatically reverse but with a manual crank which at the end has a steel claw to push in wood and plasterboard.
      For the Metring of various Materials you right here.