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The thermometer mostly used is the one the measures the body temperature. But you can also find other type of thermometers which are used in technics.

Fluid thermometers:They consist of a fluid filled storage jug which is connected and a clear capillary tube. We know that heated fluids normally expand more than solid particles that is the reason why the fluid level in the capillary tube reaches a tempereture corrisponding level. Fluid thermometers are preferably used in engine buildings, plant and tank constructions as well as for central heaters and heating plants.

Bimetal thermometers: The function of these thermometer is based on the different expansion of two with each other connected metals (Bimetal). They are used in the chemical and petrochemical industry but also in process engineerings.

Digital thermometers: Here you can find for example digital laser thermometers which are measuring without contact.

There are many application areas where thermometers are needed. Here you will find the right thermometer for your application.