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Lashing Straps

It looks so inconsiderable but it secures cargos of various tons. Qualitative you can name two types of Lashing Straps. The cheap ones from the DIY Store, mostly made of Polypropylene and high quality Lashing Straps that are also used in the industry they are manufactured of Polyester Strip Material.

The Models from the DIY Store have a permissibile force from 100 to 200 daN. Just to illustrate for a "Non Expert" 50 daN is approximately the manual extension force.

High Quality Lashing Straps are suitable up to force of 5000 daN and more. They are used to secure cargos. The assortment is very big, you can order Lashing Straps in various length, exactly how you need them. The printing of your Company Logo onto the lashing Straps is offered by many manufacturer. You can not only differ by length and Force, but also in one or two partite. Additionally you can various hooks for the two partite lashing straps. Almost for every application you can find the right lashing strap.

Thefore it is good to know exactly what you need, the best informations you can give by ordering a lashing strap is what kind of cargo do you want to secure, how much weight does your cargo have?

As you can see the Lashing Straps is an important element to secure cargos.