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Drum Handling

In this category we offer everything to the topic Drum Handling.From Drum Openers up to Drum Trolleys and Drum Lifters.

Drum Openers: Here you will find Barrel Opener, Keys For Container Locks, Steel Barrel Openers as well as Electric Barrel Openers. Additionally we offer some Pneumatic Barrel Openers for the Industry.

Drum Trolleys: You will find Plastic and Steel and Drum Trolleys in this category. Simple put the barrels on these Drum Trolleys and the barells can be simply transported.

Drum Lifters: You can simply lift heavy barrels with their help and it does not matter if you are using a Drum Lifting Tool or a robust workshop crane.

Drum Carts: here you will find the most used barrel transporters. Simply put the cart under the barrel and you can already strat the transport.

If you are looking for something how to trasport your barrels or drums than you are right in the Drum Handling category.