Road Safety And Traffic Management

Traffic cones, Reflecting tapes and warning chains

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Road safety and traffic management

Road safety and traffic management equipment is very helpful especially to secure dangerous areas. We offer many items in this category. Inter alia traffic cones, barrier tapes and warning chains.

We like to introduce our barrier tape to you:
The barrier tapes are preferably made of white and red non-metallic-strapping which is used to mark dangerous areas, spots or scenes of action.

Some organizations use different stripping colors like green and white or black and yellow. Individually some are also used for commercials.

The barrier tapes normally have a length of 100, 250 or 500 meter per rolls. It does not have an adherent side like adhesive tapes and is mostly manufactured out of polyethylene.
A width between 5 or 8 cm is mostly normal so that the optical effect of the signaling colors is visualized from the far away. Practically the barrier tape could also be used with an explanatory or warning advice for example "Attention", "Construction site", "Police barrier" or "Scene of crime" or "Forensic unit".

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