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Fall Protection

Carrying belts, safeguarding belts, fall arrest equipment, fallguard

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Fall Protection

We offer various types of Fall protections Here we shortly present you some of them:

Fall Protections are ubiquitally used in areas to protect your personal life.

: For example Single-point safety harness Titan, Single-point-DuraFlex-Fall Arrest Harness MA02 and Kevlar 650k Fall Arrest.

Two-Point Fall Arrest Harness: For example 2-Point-Fall Arrest Titan, 2-Point-DuraFlex-Safety Harness MA04 and Fall Arrest Revolution Basic R1.

Three-Point-Fall Arrest harness: For example 3-Point-DuraFlex-Fall Arrest MA08, Safety Harness Ropax - EN 358 and Fall Arrest Revolution Premium R6.

Five Point Fall Arrest Harness: For example 5-Point-DuraFlex-Safety Harness MA58, Safety Harness Tower Harness and 5-Point-DuraFlex-Fall Arrest MA60.

Arborist Harness: For example the Arborist Restraint Belt Butterfly II and Fall Arrest - Belt width 45 mm.

Full Body Harness: For example Full Body harness with vests and High Visibility Full Body Harness acc. to various Norms.

Shock Absorbing Fall Arrest Lanyards: They are preferably used for works on masts, assmeblings and trees. They are made off polyamide-lashings with integrated fall arrest.

Karabiners & Scaffold Hooks: For example Carabiner hooks ML00/CS20, Carabiner hook ML04/MS90 and Carabiner hook ML03. These carabiners hooks are connecting elements for fall protections.