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High-visibility clothing

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Hi Viz Clothing

Hi Viz Clothing can safe the life of a woker! Under Hi Viz Clothing we understand safety workwear that simultaneusly has reflecting stripes as well as a flashy color to appear as a signal. The presence of the wearer of such clothes must be signalized.

Hi Viz Clothing are know by their Hi Viz vests which are obligatory for street workers. It is a yellow-neon colored working vest with reflecting stripes. Hi Viz Clothing is especially used for weather conditions like darkness, rain or fog. It allows the wearer to be visible to other road users and not be jeopardised by them.

Hi Viz Clothing can be used in many areas and it is equal how the weather is or if you are xposed to fire sparks, heat or chemical substances. Hi Viz clothing are resistant to many external influences.

Especially the yellow-neon colored working waistcoats are very practical because they can simply be weared over a normal jacket and give so a simple and quick protection.