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Particle Filters

Particle filters are not only to be found in automobiles to reduce the particle concentration of diesel engines exhausting gas but also in the industry and handcraft the particle filters are especially used in the breathing protection.

The filter can be found in three different classes (P1, P2, P3) for the various particle concentrations.

Besides the gas filters which are preferably used in the following masks and filter systems:

One-way masks are disposed after use or when the filter is worn out. The mask and the filter are one. They are simple and comforatable and very hygienic but can not be used with gaseous harmful substances.

Half masks are covering the mouth and nose and are mostly made of silicone or natural rubber. Filter cartridges are than fixed on the masks. This masks can also be used with gaseous substances and are relatively cheap.

Full masks are covering the whole face, the mouth and nose including the eyes. They offer a better density and are especially used in areas that afford a heavy breathing protection for example if working with high toxic or infectous substances.

Protection Hoods are completely pulled over the head. They are separately supplied with air by compressor which intakes and gives the filtered air free to the hood. The over pressure prevents from a penetration of harmful substances and from a respiratry resistance.